• Astrophotography is one of the best attributes of landscape photography.The real challenge comes when trying to find a location that firstly, is dark enough and secondly makes up for a composition that is interesting enough. Hence Cape Hillsborough was the chosen destination.

    Eleven of our club members were present for this event, firstly pointing their cameras towards the volcanic rocks as the sun went down and framing Cape Hillsborough in all its splendour. We adjourned to Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park for supper while discussing technical aspects.

    These types of events are a perfect opportunity for students to learn from each other, even better, they can create truly authentic inspiration for students to nurture a passion for years to come.

  • This term the Mercy Chess players attended the second Inter-School Chess Competition at Mackay Christian College. We had two teams competing and were very fortunate to have one team come in 3rd overall. Our team who came third, consisted of the following wonderful chess players; Adam Williamson, Cameron Wooldridge, Gerry Yuan and Kye-Yi Comerford. Kye-Yi Comerford received second place overall in the High School Competition and Cameron Wooldridge received a merit award for winning five out of seven games.

  • The year 8 retreat was run by ‘Project Hatch’, a Brisbane-based youth retreat team. The aim was to assist students to recognise their inner gifts and strengths. They explored how they are called to use these gifts and the impact they can have through their actions and presence.

    Mr Michael Fitzpatrick was in charge of the year 9 retreat. Michael’s expertise and mission is appreciated by many schools Australia wide. His aim is to assist students in dealing with their social and emotional changes on identity, relationships and purpose.

    Year 10s were enlightened by the Oxygen Factory run by Glen Gerreyn. The theme for this year was ‘A New Day’. Students engaged in activities aimed at assisting them in their future focus, to do all they can to change their world and the world of those around them.

  • On 25 May, 14 students represented Mercy College in the Mackay Interschool Mountain Biking Competition. This relay event required students to break into teams of students to complete 4 hours of continuous riding. Mercy College was well represented in each age group and all students performed exceptionally well. With many of our students riding in older age groups or in mixed teams.

    Particular congratulations must go to both our U/13 riders, Kye and Emma who won their respective division. In addition, I was impressed with the efforts of all our Year 10 students, particularly Zac Schwarzrock, taking the time to support younger riders around the track. Cameron Wooldridge and Joshua Dogao completed more laps than any other students at the event, while Ethan Hellwege and Cameron Mellifont supported event organisers and rode at rocket pace all day.

  • On Friday 18 May, Mercy competed in the AFLQ Schools Cup Regional Qualifiers held at Harrup Park. We entered 4 teams, with over 70 students participating on the day.

    Our Senior Boys and Girls teams had a tough day competing again Year 11’s and 12’s but showed strength and determination in all of their games. Our Junior Boys and Girls teams were both big winners on the day and have now booked a spot in the NQ Championships to be held in Townsville in August.