• Throughout the last five weeks, over 100 students have taken part in the exciting and entertaining Mercy Futsal League. Open to students of all ages, both boys and girls, futsal is a sport that is easy to pick up and is very enjoyable. Students organised and nominated their teams and were split into three different divisions. Games took place in the morning before school, during lunch and in the afternoon. The determination of all students to have a go is truly impressive and all participants are to be commended on their efforts.

  • The Photo Club had its second meeting for the term. This week students had an introduction to portraiture. Setting the balance between exposure lighting and of course dealing with difficult vain models (teachers).

    This is all in preparedness of students doing portraits for real, at the Year 7 Social Dance on Friday 17 March. A lot was learnt in the 40 minute lunch break.

    The Club is a channel with a dual mission: to teach students about the technical aspect of photography (e.g. process, techniques, composition, etc.) without neglecting the history and artistic nature of the craft; utilising their skills in contributing images in real life context.

  • Friday 3 March, four Year 10 Science students attended the Dream Big Project hosted by CQU and were most definitely inspired. The Dream Big Project aims to encourage more females in engineering, by providing a hands-on experience in conjunction with CQU and local industry. With fun and unique activities such as soldering together our very own LED torches and designing a future Mackay City using building blocks and playdough, we learned what engineering is really about.

  • On Tuesday 21 February, the Interhouse Swimming Carnival divided Mercy into six fiercely competitive teams: Argos, Badila, Midas, Oraya, Pindar, Triton.

    The carnival was a huge success and was not only supported by our committed staff members, but our parents who joined the P&F crew to cook up a BBQ for all to enjoy. Thank you to the parents who took time out to assist and cheer on!

    On the ‘business’ side of the Swimming Carnival, let’s take a look at the winners.

    • Overall: 1st Midas, 2nd Badila, 3rd Argos
    • Cheersquad Competition: 1st Badila, 2nd Midas, 3rd Pindar
    • Rubber Ducky: 1st Pindar, 2nd Midas, 3rd Oraya