Working from Home


Friday 22/5/2020


  1. All classes Years 7 to 10 commence on Monday. As usual, school will start with Homeroom at 8.35am
  2. Given most students have had extensive time away from school, please check on routine requirements with your child such as appropriate uniform presentation, hairstyles, accessories and College hat
  3. From Monday, the online component of normal lessons will cease but staff will continue with technology based learning and use of Google Classroom. for communication to students & parents
  4. A videolink Assembly will take place on Monday morning while students are in their Homerooms. New necessary routines in regard to health & hygiene will be covered - Please Note: Given all classrooms will need to have windows open for the next several months, all students will need to have their College jumper / jacket at school
  5. PPlease be aware that Academic Departments are working to adjust the term's assessments to ensure that it will only cover learnings that have been effectively taught during the period of disruption. It is still very important that students adhere to due dates
  6. We are very much looking forward to seeing all of our students back on Monday!

Friday 15/5/2020


Online learning at Mercy College continues into Week 5 of Term 2 (18 - 22 May). Supervision will be on site for students who must attend due to parental circumstances.

Good News: "Light at the end of the tunnel!"

State Government has given permission for all Year levels to commence classes on Monday 25 May. On that day all students need to be in attendance by 8:20am to start the day with Homeroom and video link of the school assembly.

The College is currently planning for recommencement of all classes, with further details next Friday.


Mr Jim Ford

Friday 8/5/2020


There is no change to the schooling arrangements for Mercy College students next week (Week 4) and probably Week 5 of this second Term. We will publish another update next Friday.

The college remains open for the children of essential workers and individuals with special consideration. Please remember that no child or staff member should attend the College if in any way unwell. All students, at home and at school, will engage in online learning with a normal timetable structure and break times. Monday & Thursday are online Homeroom Zoom sessions that all students must participate in.

Although the situation is not ideal, most students are responding very positively to online lessons and should be commended for their efforts.

See you on the other side.


Mr Jim Ford

Friday 1/5/2020

Principal Jim Ford has provided an update for parents regarding students learning at home.

Wednesday 22/4/2020

Students are now required to sign into Zoom to attend meetings. Please read the instructions on how to sign into Zoom.

Thursday 16/4/2020

Please read the letter emailed to parents from the Principal Jim Ford regarding arrangements for Term 2.

Tuesday 14/4/2020

Please find attached details of fee relief proposal for Term 2. You may find the ‘Frequently asked questions’ (FAQ’s) a useful ready reference. As anticipated Term 2 schooling will be done online for the first five weeks with onsite supervision on a needs basis. Further communication on these aspects will occur later this week.

Tuition Fee Relief - Term 2

Friday 3/4/2020

Welcome Parents & Students,
This special section of our website will be regularly updated with the latest information on school closure and students working from home.

Please be advised that we are expecting that following the Easter Vacation fortnight that College closure with limited supervision will continue. Expected duration is two to four weeks. Parents without alternative supervision for their student/s can continue to send them to the College.

All other students will follow their normal timetable using Google Classroom with Monday and Thursday Homeroom via Zoom.

Staff are endeavouring to provide a quality educational experience for your child and will rely on parent backup in regard to routines.

Students must dress in uniform (sports or formal) and submit work done back to the classroom site.

House Coordinators, special needs staff and counselling teams will be making every effort to support students who may struggle with this new format.

We look forward to having our students back full-time and returning to their co-curricular and sport activities.

Please note: we will ensure parents are promptly notified if our schools are permitted to re-open.

Best Regards,
Mr Jim Ford | Principal

Due to the students working from home, the College has in place applications to allow students to continue with their education:

  1. Students are expected to follow their normal timetable and interface with  Google Classroom for each lesson.  
  2. Teachers will be posting work for each lesson on Google Classroom. Some lessons could involve a Zoom live video lesson. Video link will be in Google Classroom.
  3. Students should have regular breaks in accordance with the schedule of a normal school day
  4. Students should work in a conspicuous area of the house where they can be on occasion assisted and monitored
  5. Students must dress in school uniforms - Sports uniform is fine. (Reason being students need to maintain a mentality of work expectation and being at school)
  6. Assignments are to be submitted by uploading to Google Classroom on the due date.  If there are any issues with uploading students are to email the completed work to the classroom teacher
  7. Exams will be either completed upon resumption of school or converted to an assigned task. For some subjects, the assessment may be set using Education Perfect (online learning program)

It is important that students are continually checking their College emails for curriculum updates

Compulsory Zoom Homeroom

Every Monday and Thursday 8:30 am (Link provided via google classroom)

You are required to sign in to Zoom to attend meetings. Please follow these instructions to sign in.

If Any Concerns Over the Next Few Weeks

Please contact House Coordinators via email or the College Office

Postponed Events

College Bikeathon - 28th August (non-fundraising - Community event only)

Cancelled Events

Note the following upcoming events have been cancelled:

  • Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences - Term 2
  • Careers Trip Brisbane - Term 2
  • Humanities Melbourne Trip - Term 2
  • Year 7 Camp (as part of the retreats program) - Term 2