Mercy College students with muscial instruments

Music at Mercy

Music forms an integral part of College life at Mercy, and students are actively encouraged to participate in the school’s Co-Curricular, Instrumental Music, and Year 7 Band Programs.

Mercy College students holding musical instruments

The Instrumental Music Program at Mercy College Mackay boasts exceptional teachers providing a high standard of tuition in strings, piano, voice, brass, woodwind, guitar and percussion. Students may elect to learn any instrument offered. Lessons are tailored to each student's capabilities and goals, and can be oriented towards external exams if desired. A weekly rotational timetable ensures that students experience minimal disruptions to academic studies while gaining maximum benefit from their tutor's expertise.

The Co-Curricular Music Program at the College has grown in recent years in both number and quality. Exceptional conductors and directors provide a high standard of tuition in ensemble technique and performance standard. Rehearsals are tailored to each ensemble's capabilities and goals, and are oriented towards an extensive internal and external performance schedule. A weekly rehearsal schedule ensures that students experience regular immersion in ensemble repertoire and build solid, dynamic musical groups who gain maximum benefit from their director's expertise.

The Band Program is open to all Year 7 students who would like to begin learning a musical instrument. This wonderful addition to the Mercy College Music Department will see year 7 students given the opportunity to fast-track their instrumental journey in a program heavily subsidised by the College. They will participate in group lessons that will take place on a weekly rotational timetable, and eventually build a beginner Concert Band where they will be able to employ their newly learnt skills in an ensemble setting. This is an exciting new venture for the College that is sure to help build on the successes of the two existing Music Programs.