Mercy College students in Glennon Gardens

iPad Program

Mercy College continues its iPad program in 2021. All incoming students will require an iPad and earphones to assist in their studies.

Goals & Outcomes


ICT can be used as a tool and an environment for learning in a range of different ways. As a broad guide, we have the following goals for the iPad programme.

  1. iPads will be used to facilitate learning by allowing students to:
    1. Access, use, create and publish digital and online information
    2. Develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving
    3. Collaborate with others
    4. Communicate, in a variety of ways, their knowledge and learning experiences
  2. Students will use the iPad as a tool to manage their work and learning
  3. Students will develop age-appropriate ICT skills and understandings, including the responsibilities of online citizenship
  4. Students will accept responsibility for:
    1. Their personal actions when using ICT
    2. The care and functionality of their iPad


It is envisaged the iPad programme will provide a range of opportunities that enhance or transform teaching and learning in specific ways. The following provides some examples.


The iPad will allow for the substitution of non-digital practices or processes including:

  • Textbooks and class handouts available on iPad
  • Note-taking and data collection
  • Completion and submission of workbooks in PDF format
  • Feedback on drafts emailed between teachers and students
  • Storage/display of stimulus in Art


The iPad will augment teaching and learning through:

  • Internet research and communication
  • Videos / animations that complement teaching
  • Study / note-taking templates
  • Persistent, instantaneous feedback on drafts /notes
  • Extension / consolidation of maths concepts
  • ‘text’ specific apps for English

iPad Requirements

Which iPad?

Below you can see which models are acceptable for students to use at Mercy College. A model with at least 32GB of storage is required to cater for student's personal content as well as their school work.

The original iPad and mini iPad are not suitable.

iPad Protection

A strong and durable iPad case is strongly advised as iPads don’t have any protection for the screen and can easily be cracked when stored in school bags. A case with a stand or keyboard is highly recommended so students can work in a better postural position.

iPad in case and iPad with cracked screen

Extended Warranty

iPads come with 12 months warranty and 90 days telephone support as standard. It is recommended that AppleCare+ is purchased with the iPad at a cost of $99 for an iPad or $179 for an iPad Pro. This provides two years warranty and telephone support from Apple and two accidental damage claims - each claim is subject to a $65 fee. AppleCare+ can be purchased with the iPad, or within 60 days of the original purchase date via the Apple website.

Apple earphones


  • Earphones (required)
  • iPad compatible keyboard (optional but recommended to make typing easier and support good posture)

Software Requirements

No VPN Apps

Jailbroken iPad

Students are not allowed to have VPN Apps installed on their iPad. If they do, they won't be able to access the internet from Mercy College's WiFi network. What is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a legitimate technology for accessing computer networks remotely, often used to work from home. But if you don't know who owns the VPN, they may be untrustworthy and could capture user data, such as websites visited, usernames, passwords and credit card details. VPN Apps are becoming a lot more common and are currently unregulated, meaning anyone can set up a VPN and capture the data of those that use it. For more information on the risks of VPN's read this article.

Don't Jailbreak the iPad

Jailbreaking an iPad allows the user to install Apps and extensions that have NOT been approved by Apple. Jailbreaking an iPad can cause the device to work unexpectedly and it may randomly crash, not start at all or cause Apps to fail. It will also remove the security protections built into the iPad by Apple opening it up to viruses, worms and malware. Jailbreaking voids warranty and Apple will not provide support for jailbroken iPads.

Required Apps

Humanities Specific Apps

Google Earth App

Google Earth


HPE Specific Apps

Vidstich Video Collage App



Hudl Technique App

Hudl Technique


Music Specific Apps

Garage Band App

Garage Band


Student Responsibilities & Online Safety

Student Responsibilities

Students will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • They use the device in accord with school rules, policies and procedures as well as expected standards
  • They have their iPad with them in class
  • There is always space on the iPad for the storage of school-related files
  • The device is charged
  • Device has the required Apps installed and texts available
  • Students are permitted to place music, video, apps etc on the iPad with the expectation that:
    • content inappropriate for school is not accessed or shown to others while at school
    • space is left in the memory for files for school-work.

Students who fail to meet their responsibilities in regard to their iPad will be dealt with via the College's Responsible Thinking Process and discipline system. Students may be instructed to delete Apps used inappropriately while at school.

Online Safety

The Internet provides access to vast amounts of information and the opportunity for children to meet and communicate with people from around the world.

While online safety is important for protecting children from dangerous and inappropriate websites and materials, this does not mean that parents should discourage their children from accessing the Internet. The challenge is to help children enjoy the benefits of going online while avoiding the risks (Enough is Enough Blog, 2011).