Fees and Charges

The fees for 2020 are set out below. It is the policy of the Catholic Education Office of the Rockhampton Diocese to keep fees as low as possible and Mercy College has structured its’ charges to the minimum level set by the Diocese in order to make places at the College accessible to all students


Accounts for fees will be processed annually in term one. Parents can choose to pay the annual amount on this statement by the due date and receive a discount of $100. Parents can also choose to pay fees in weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or monthly instalments, with fees to be paid by the 31st December 2020. Parents choosing to pay by instalments will receive a discount of $40. Payments can be made by Bpay, Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Direct Debit Authority or Internet Banking Transfer.

Details Per Annum
Diocesan Tuition Fees (discounts listed below this table) $2220
General Purpose Levy (per student)
To cover the cost of printing, resources, student diary, materials and most compulsory sporting activities and presentations.
Subject Levy (per student)
The subject levy is a charge per student to cover the costs of specialist equipment and its maintenance, transport and classroom consumables used by students during lessons.
College Building Levy (per family)
The building levy is used to assist with the costs of maintaining and developing existing college buildings. It is also necessary to help meet loan repayments. The building levy is payable, unless already being paid at a Diocesan Primary School. As this levy forms a collectable part of college fees, no tax deduction is available.
Fee Administration Levy (per family)
Waived if payment is made by due date on fee notice.
Technology Levy (per family)
The levy is used for technology capital purchases at the school.
P & F Levy (per family)
This charge is to cover affiliation for Mercy College P & F to be a member of the state body, major capital items for curriculum provision and general student support by the P&F. It can be waived by providing service in the school tuckshop once per month.
Total $3812

Other Information

Tuition Fee Discounts

Available in 2020 for families according to the number of children enrolled in Diocesan Catholic Schools. 2 Children – 12.5 % Discount; 3 Children – 35 % Discount; 4 or more Children – 50 % Discount. The discount is set by the Diocese. Forms by which parents may claim family discounts are sent out early in the school year. The discounts apply to Tuition Fees only.

Health Care Card/Principal’s Concessions

Families may be eligible for school fee assistance under the Concession Card Tuition Fee Discount and/or the Principal’s Concession Scheme. The 70% Tuition Fee Discount is available for eligible ‘means tested’ government Health Care and Pensioner cardholders. To start the application process, you will need to visit the School’s Finance Office with your Health Care/Concession Card. The Principal’s Concession Scheme is also available on application to the Finance Office.