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About Mercy College

Mercy College was founded in 1987 and has a long and proud history dating back to 1930. It is a Catholic co-educational day College for Years 7 to 10 and is part of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton under the auspices of the Catholic Education Office.

Mercy College serves the communities of Mackay and surrounding areas including Walkerston and Sarina. Places at the school are keenly sought after by families seeking a quality, holistic education with an enhanced Christian focus.

With an enrolment of approximately 980 students, Mercy College provides students with a broad range of both curricula and co-curricula opportunities in a caring, supportive environment conducive to the unique needs of young adolescents.

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Vision Statement

To serve Christ through humanity and grow in wisdom.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the Charism of Venerable Catherine McAuley and the Catholic tradition, we build foundations of Compassion, Hope and Justice.

At Mercy College, we live out God’s plan through:

  • Compassion, by encouraging positive change through learning, service, concern for the poor and care for all creation
  • Hope, by building intellectual, spiritual and emotional capacity to achieve our greatest potential
  • Justice for all, by establishing respectful relationships and treating all people with fairness and equality

A Safe & Caring Environment

Mercy College endeavours to create an environment where students always feel safe, secure and valued.

One of the keys to creating this environment is the homeroom. At Mercy College it is our policy for a student to continue in the same homeroom from Year 7 to 10. This provides students with a sense of stability and comfort and allows them to develop a strong rapport with a staff member who is a significant and trusted adult within the school community. Many activities and functions are organised around this group and students develop long-term relationships through this homeroom connection.

Access to an educational advisor and counsellor also supports students in achieving their goals during their time at Mercy College.

2018 Annual School Report

2018 Annual School Report

Solar Panels

Solar panels on pavilion roof

In July 2018 Mercy College had a large installation of solar panels commissioned, which are installed onto the roofs of several buildings at the College.

More than 260kw of power is being generated under full sun. Our fully charged TESLA batteries located on Juliet Street, easily cope with the overnight discharge and quickly re-saturate with the morning sun. In winter we will be a net exporter of power. In summer the air-conditioners still make us grid dependent.

You can view data from the solar panels below.

Solar-Log Dashboard