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  • Work Experience provides a valuable opportunity for students to explore, learn and practise the skills needed to succeed in the future. These early work experiences often help young people connect learning with work and realise the value of education.

    137 students at Mercy College recently completed one week of work experience in various occupations and local businesses. The students excelled during their working week and came back to school with renewed enthusiasm.

    A big thank you to all businesses who hosted our students during this time. Without the community support we would not be able to offer this valuable opportunity to students.

  • Our Indigenous students and Dance Excellence class participated in a BlakDance, three-day workshop. The focus was on Performing Country. Student engagement was used to reveal and share stories of the night sky from cultural and contemporary storytelling practices.

  • On Friday of Week 6, an Interschool chess competition was held at Mackay Christian College. Many schools in Mackay participated with Mercy entering two teams.

    We arrived in the morning and played seven rounds. Many games went the duration and were quite challenging for both players, who then had to face-up minutes later to their next opponent.

    After the final game Jerry Yuan was crowned the overall champion. The combined efforts of Mercy 1 saw them awarded second prize overall and they were only half a point away from the top spot.

    It was a bit of a torment knowing we lost by half a point, but we all proved to ourselves that we could compete with the top teams, even against Year 12 students.

  • A group of Mercy students provided hospitality by serving afternoon tea and cleaning up for the CWL Drought Appeal Fundraiser on Saturday. Students also shared their musical and modelling talents. Their service was greatly appreciated.

  • Mercy College recently participated in the Orchestral Showcase which included over 120 students from Mercy College, Mackay Christian College and Whitsunday Anglican School. Students performed in combined bands over two and a half days.

    The first day, students practiced challenging pieces led by talented music teachers. By the end of the day our lips and arms hurt, but we had gained an immense amount of knowledge. Saturday arrived and everyone was ready to showcase their hard work to a crowd of proud family members.

    Overall, the workshop allowed students to meet passionate musicians like themselves, as well as challenge their skills and learn new tricks and information.