• Ezri Heart has continued to have success in the sport of Field Archery this year, following on from her wins last year. In February, she travelled to Bundaberg and competed in the Saxon Archery Club ABA Competition. Here, she finished 1st in the Junior Female C Grade Bowhunter Recurve division. Upon coming back to Mackay, she decided to change bow type and switched from a recurve to a compound bow. This change has helped in her consistency and seen an improvement in her scores.

    Congratulations Ezri!

  • This week at the College we have celebrated NAIDOC with a Mass at St Joseph’s church, where we were represented by Indigenous students as well as other students from the College. Following on from the mass our Indigenous students played a touch football game against the teachers (the teachers won). We were also lucky to have a BBQ with traditional foods such as Kangaroo, Emu and crocodile.

    Brandan Bishop wowed us with not only his Didgeridoo playing, but his explanation on how this traditional instrument was used.

    To finish off the week we had Rosaline Bourne visit the College to show us how to weave traditional baskets.

  • Here is one photo of the inside of our new library, which is almost ready for students and staff to use. We are very happy with the look and space created. Can't wait to move in!